Thursday, October 30, 2014

2014 Gold Division Schedule

California, Foothill, Granada, Logan, Newark Memorial, San Leandro

Newark Memorial vs California  6:00pm at Newark Memorial HS
Foothill vs San Leandro  6:30pm at Foothill HS
Granada vs Logan  6:30pm at Granada HS

California vs Logan  6:00pm at California HS
Foothill vs Newark Memorial  4:30pm at Foothill HS
San Leandro vs Granada  4:30pm at Granada HS

San Leandro vs California  3:00pm at Granada HS
Logan vs Foothill  5:00pm at Foothill HS
Granada vs Newark Memorial  5:00pm at Granada HS

5th Points vs 6th Points  11:00am at Livermore HS
3rd Points vs 4th Points  4:00pm at Foothill HS

1st Points vs 2nd Points  7:00pm at Castro Valley HS

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2014 Silver Division Schedule

Group A:  Acalanes, Albany, Bishop O'Dowd, Washington
Group B:  Alameda, Campolindo, Livermore, Mission SJ

Dec. 2
Bishop O'Dowd vs Albany  4:30pm at Acalanes HS
Campolindo vs Mission SJ  4:30pm at Livermore HS
Acalanes vs Washington  6:30pm at Acalanes HS
Livermore vs Alameda  6:30pm at Livermore HS

Dec. 4
Alameda vs Mission SJ  5:30pm at Castro Valley HS
Albany vs Acalanes  6:30pm at Acalanes HS
Washington vs Bishop O'Dowd  6:30pm at Granada HS
Livermore vs Campolindo  6:30pm at Livermore HS

Dec. 6
Campolindo vs Alameda  3:00pm at Acalanes HS
Albany vs Washington  5:00pm at Castro Valley HS
Acalanes vs Bishop O'Dowd  7:00pm at Acalanes HS
Mission SJ vs Livermore  7:00pm at Livermore HS

Dec. 13
Consolation game  11:00am at Acalanes HS
Consolation game  1:00pm at Acalanes HS

Consolation Final 
2nd Place "A"  vs  2nd Place "B"  2:00pm at Foothill HS

1st Place "A"  vs  1st Place "B"  5:00pm at Castro Valley HS

2014 Bronze Division Schedule

Group A:  Alhambra, Heritage, Irvington, Tennyson
Group B:  American, Castro Valley, JFK-Richmond, Piedmont

Dec. 2
Tennyson vs American  4:30pm at Granada HS
Castro Valley vs JFK-Richmond  4:30pm at Castro Valley HS
Irvington vs Piedmont  4:30pm at Foothill HS
Alhambra vs Heritage  6:30pm at Castro Valley HS

Dec. 4
JFK-Richmond vs Piedmont  4:30pm at Acalanes HS
Tennyson vs Heritage  4:30pm at Livermore HS
Irvington vs Alhambra  6:30pm at Foothill HS
American vs Castro Valley  7:30pm at Castro Valley HS

Dec. 6
Heritage vs Piedmont  3:00pm at Livermore HS
Alhambra vs American  3:00pm at Foothill HS
JFK-Richmond vs Tennyson  5:00pm at Acalanes HS
Castro Valley vs Irvington  7:00pm at Castro Valley HS

Dec. 13
Consolation game  11:00am at Granada HS
Consolation game  1:00pm at Granada HS

Consolation Final
2nd Place "A"  vs  2nd Place "B"  12:00pm at Foothill HS

1st Place "A"  vs 1st Place "B"  3:00pm at Castro Valley HS

Saturday, December 7, 2013

2013 Winter Soccer Classic Champions

Bronze Division        Albany

Silver Division         Campolindo

Gold Division           Foothill

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tournament Rules

6 points for a Win, 3 points for a Tie, and 0 points for a Loss. 1 bonus point per goal (max 4 per game). 1 bonus point for a Shutout. (-2) points for each red card. Forfeit counts as 9 points for winner, 0 for loser.


1. Head to head.
2. Goal differential.
3. Goals against.
4. Least amount of red cards.
5. Coin toss. 

Finals and Consolation Finals go straight to PK's.  For team records the tie will stand.
Referee keeps time......not scoreboard.  Scoreboard stops at 2 minutes.

HOME TEAM provides game balls and wears light jerseys. AWAY TEAM wears dark jerseys.

Hosting Sites

Acalanes High School
1212 Pleasant Hill Rd.
Lafayette, CA 94549

California High School
9870 Broadmoor Dr.
San Ramon, CA 94583

Castro Valley High School
19400 Santa Maria Ave.
Castro Valley, CA 94546

Foothill High School
4375 Foothill Rd.
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Granada High School
400 Wall St.
Livermore, CA 94550

Livermore High School
600 Maple St.
Livermore, CA 94550

Newark Memorial HS
39375 Cedar Ave.
Newark, CA 94560