Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tournament Rules

6 points for a Win, 3 points for a Tie, and 0 points for a Loss. 1 bonus point per goal (max 4 per game). 1 bonus point for a Shutout. (-2) points for each red card. Forfeit counts as 9 points for winner, 0 for loser.


1. Head to head.
2. Goal differential.
3. Goals against.
4. Least amount of red cards.
5. Coin toss. 

Finals and Consolation Finals go straight to PK's.  For team records the tie will stand.
Referee keeps time......not scoreboard.  Scoreboard stops at 2 minutes.

HOME TEAM provides game balls and wears light jerseys. AWAY TEAM wears dark jerseys.

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